At the heart of the International Digital Image Correlation Society (iDICs) are several committees comprised of iDICs members actively working to support the iDICs missions. Participation and active involvement in these committees by iDICs members is critical for the success of iDICs in promoting the use and continued development of DIC techniques. Below are descriptions for each committee. Please consider joining one or more committees and contributing your expertise and experience!

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Standardization, Good Practices, and Uncertainty Quantification

This committee was formed in 2015 to promote standardization of DIC measurements, develop guidelines for DIC practitioners, and formulate uncertainty quantification procedures.

One of the main focuses of this committee is the creation and continuing advancement of the document, “A Good Practices Guide for Digital Image Correlation.” The Guide is free to download on the guide page. With the publication of the first edition of the Guide complete, the committee is working on improving and expanding the Guide to be more detailed and to cover more topics. If you are interested in working on the continued development of the Guide, please contact Elizabeth Jones at See for more information.

Another focus of this committee is encouraging development of standards for DIC measurements within national and international standards bodies such as ASTM, ASME, ISO, and VDI. Currently members of the committee are actively participating with these standards bodies to help guide them in the expansion of their current standards to incorporate DIC and in the writing of new standards.

This committee is also active in the DIC Challenge ( The purpose of the DIC challenge is to supply the image correlation community with a set of images for software testing and verification. This is to include both commercial codes and university codes. The Challenge currently has 2D-DIC and stereo-DIC image sets, and a DVC challenge data and a scanning electron microscope challenge data are being developed.

Training and Certification

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DIC Education

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DIC Applications

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