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The International Digital Image Correlation Society (iDICs), composed of members from academia, government, and industry, is committed to training and educating users of DIC systems and the standardization of DIC practice for general applications.

To support this mission, iDICs members develop and offer DIC certification programs that will be recognized world-wide and develop additional programs as appropriate to improve industry measurement techniques and practices for advanced DIC applications. iDICs also coordintes activities focused on DIC standards development.

iDICs 2016/SEM Fall Conference

Nov 7-10, Philadelphia, PA

Join us for the annual meeting and workshop in Philadelphia. Experience the latest DIC technology, get training on the leading DIC systems, and learn tips from other practitioners in the field. details »

The call for iDICs 2016 Conference & Workshop mini-symposia has been announced details »

Calls for abstract submissions will be announced soon.

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Metrology Beyond Colors
(Offered by MatchID)
June 13-17, 2016, Philadelphia, PA

What is digital image correlation (DIC)?

DIC is a non-contact means of measuring motion and deformation using digital images of the object of interest. It’s used for a wide variety of applications from characterizing material properties to identifying structural damage and quality testing in manufacturing.

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iDICs 2015 Conference & Workshop a Huge Success

Over 120 participants made the iDICs 2015 Conference & Workshop a tremendous success. DIC researchers and practicioners from contries all over the world, including Australia, Canada, India, The UK, and Brazil gathered to share innovative uses of DIC and novel developments in DIC technology. Talks were presented on teaching DIC in higher education, high performance computing algorithms for DIC, material science advances facilitated by DIC measurements, and large-scale DIC experiments.

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Featured DIC-related Publications

DIC measurements underwater?

Prof. Shukla and his team of researchers at the University of Rhode Island are studying the dynamics of underwater implosion mechanics using stereo DIC.

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Scanning electron microscopy and DIC

Adam Kammers and Sam Daly have tackled many of the distortions involved in SEM imaging leading to a DIC methodology for SEM with accurate results.

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Can DIC break the Heisenberg limit?

This article by researchers in France delves into this heavily contested issue regarding the interplay between capturing a signal accurately and simultaneously, its motion.

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