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A Good Practices Guide for Digital Image Correlation

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The GPG is freely available to the public. It may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, but only without alteration and with full attribution to the International Digital Image Correlation Society. Full copyright details are contained in the GPG.

How to Cite the Guide: International Digital Image Correlation Society, Jones, E.M.C. and Iadicola, M.A. (Eds.) (2018). A Good Practices Guide for Digital Image Correlation. DOI: 10.32720/idics/gpg.ed1

Thank you for your interest in the International Digital Image Correlation Society’s “A Good Practices Guide for Digital Image Correlation”. The purpose of this document is to provide good-practice guidelines for conducting DIC measurements in conjunction with mechanical testing of a planar test piece. This guide is designed to be both a primer training document geared towards new practitioners of DIC (supplementing vendor-based or other formal training and hardware and software-specific documentation) as well as a reference for experienced users, to refresh their fundamentals knowledge and skill sets and assist them in troubleshooting DIC measurements. The Good Practices Guide (GPG) focuses on good practices for DIC measurement setup, image correlation, and basic post-processing of DIC data for strain computations. The scope of the current edition of the GPG is limited to common laboratory test conditions (which are outlined in the GPG). Our intention is to incorporate good practices for complex test conditions, and their associated additional challenges, in a future edition of the GPG.

Development of the Good Practices Guide

The GPG was developed by the iDICs Standardization, Good Practices, and Uncertainty Quantification Committee. Details of the entire development and review process can be obtained through iDICs (, but they are summarized here (and in this presentation). The working group on Good Practices, Reporting Requirements, and Terminology (a subset of the committee) developed the GPG. The working group was composed of expert DIC practitioners, including representatives from many commercial DIC software packages, with diverse experience using DIC in a myriad of applications.

After a final draft of the GPG was completed by the working group, a public comment period was opened in November 2017 through January 2018, during which any DIC practitioner could opt-in to review, comment, and vote on the GPG (public comment rules, link to PublicComment&Voting.pdf). In total, 100 people opted-in to the review process, 56 of whom returned official votes. Of the 56 received votes, 23 people voted “Approve without Comment”, 32 people voted “Approve with comments and suggested revisions”, and 1 person voted “Disapprove with comments (at least one technical) and suggested revisions”. The one Disapproval was ultimately withdrawn. Over 500 comments were received (over 130 of which were technical comments), and the working group addressed each, either through revising the GPG, or through a written rebuttal. After that revision, the final version of the GPG and the working group responses to the comments were reviewed and approved by three of the iDICs Executive Board, who did not participate in either the working group or the public comment period.

中文翻译 (Chinese Translation)

中⽂翻译⼯作组成⽴于2018 年10 ⽉,旨在将英⽂版指南直译为中⽂版,遵循不改变原⽂含义和技术内容这⼀基本原则。在完成中⽂版翻译的最终⽂稿后,⼯作组邀请了七位来⾃中国和美国的中英⽂流利的DIC 专家作为审稿⼈对⽂稿的技术内容及可读性进⾏细致的审核。此外,还邀请了三位中国籍⾮DIC 从业⼈员作为审稿⼈从语⾔⽅⾯对⽂稿的可读性作进⼀步审核。最后,⼯作组对所有审稿⼈的意见和建议进⾏筛选和整合,全⾯修订了最终⽂稿,确保了中⽂翻译的准确性和流畅性。

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Future Directions

We are continually soliciting feedback on the GPG, so that we can improve future editions. If you have any comments and suggested revisions, please complete this comment form and email it to Elizabeth Jones and Mark Iadicola at

The first edition of the GPG contains a wealth of information, but is by no means comprehensive for all applications of DIC. We intend to expand the scope of the GPG by releasing future editions. If you are interested in participating in the continued development of the GPG, please contact Elizabeth Jones and Mark Iadicola at Your involvement is critical for the success of the iDICs missions!