Thank you for your interest in the International Digital Image Correlation Society’s “A Good Practices Guide for Digital Image Correlation”. The purpose of this document is to provide good-practice guidelines for conducting DIC measurements in conjunction with mechanical testing of a material or structure. This guide is designed to be both a primer training document geared towards new practitioners of DIC (supplementing vendor-based or other formal training and hardware and software-specific documentation) as well as a reference for experienced users, to refresh their fundamentals knowledge and skill sets and assist them in troubleshooting
DIC measurements.

Current Status

A draft of the Guide was completed in November 2017 and released for public comment until January 2018. We are currently in the process of revising the Guide based on feedback from the comment period, and we are targeting a final release date in the fall 2018. Once the Guide is finalized, an electronic version of the Guide will be publicly available, free of charge. More information about how to obtain a copy of the Guide will be posted here once the Guide is published. You may also contact Elizabeth Jones at and request to be added to an email list to be informed when the Guide becomes available.

Future Directions

The first edition of the Guide contains a wealth of information, but is by no means comprehensive for all uses of DIC. We intend to continue to improve and expand the Guide by releasing future editions. If you are interested in participating in the continued development of the Guide, please contact Elizabeth Jones at Your involvement is critical for the success of the iDICs missions!