DIC Challenge


The purpose of the DIC Challenge is to advance the practice of DIC through collective efforts that point to optimum methodologies. The DIC Challenge is conducted under the auspices of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) and iDICs under the direction of the DIC Challenge board (see below).


We meet twice each year: in June at the Society for Experimental Mechanics Conference, and in November at the International DIC Society Conference. These meetings are open to the community and recently have been hosted in a hybrid online and in-person format.

Current Challenges

Currently, the DIC Challenge consists of the following specific challenges.

The goal of the Stereo-DIC Challenges is to provide a framework within which all codes can be tested, validated, and improved for their intended use. Both commercial codes and university codes are included. The use of a common image data set (with both experimental and synthetic images) removes the experimental errors associated with multiple hardware setups created by a typical, specimen-based, round-robin style test. The DIC code itself is then isolated and more easily evaluated independent of other experimental considerations. The goal of the Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) Round Robin and Scanning Electron Microscope DIC (SEM-DIC) Round Robin is collectively building greater knowledge about these specialized image techniques for DIC, and investigating the optimum image parameters for each image modality.

The Discontinuity DIC Challenge aims to outline the methods, provide images, and evaluate the performances of DIC codes to capture and characterize discontinuous displacements that occur during slip, cracking, and other important mechanical phenomena.

Completed Challenges

2-D DIC Challenge 1.0

2D-DIC Challenge 2.0

Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) Round Robin 2.0

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DIC Challenge Board

Benoît Blaysat, PhD

Benoît Blaysat, PhD

Co-chair, 2D Challenge Lead
Institut Pascal
Université Clermont Auvergne
Jin Yang, PhD

Jin Yang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
University of Texas at Austin

Hugh Bruck (University of Maryland) – Advisor at Large

Jeff Helm (Lafayette College) – Stereo DIC Challenge Lead

Mark Iadicola (NIST) – Founding Co-chair, Advisor at Large

Helena Jin (Sandia) – Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) Lead

Elizabeth Jones (Sandia) – Results Analysis

Will LePage (University of Tulsa) - Past Co-Chair, Advisor at Large

Phillip Reu (Sandia) – Founding Chair, Advisor at Large, Stereo-DIC Challenge

Jean-charles Stinville (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Discontinuity Lead

Evelyne Toussaint (University Clermont Auvergne, France) – Results Analysis

Victoria Tucker (Purdue University) – Scanning Electron Microscope Lead