Bylaws, Constitution & Operating Proceedures

Below are the links to the newly adopted Constitution, Bylaws, and Council Operating Procedures for iDICs. These documents have been under development by the iDICs Board for more than two years. The documents were voted on and adopted by the iDICs Board on July 8, 2020.

Here are links to the key documents:

Every growing organization has some growing pains, and iDICs is no different. We needed to have a more formal organizational structure. You will notice that the overall structure is broken into broad councils to organize specific areas of activity within the Society.

Organizational Structure

Because the activities of iDICs have been expanding since its incorporation in 2015, it was necessary for the Society to change its structure with a focus on future growth. This does not mean we will stop any of the important work that has been started, but it does mean some of the names of the committees and working groups may change. It also means there will be more need and opportunities for you to get involved. To describe the general mapping from the old iDICs structure to the new iDICs structure please see the diagram below.

Mapping from Old Organization Structure to New One

Please look at the new structure and consider where you could participate, and reach out to the appropriate Council Chair or any of the Executive Board Members. The current Council Chairs are:

  • Phillip Reu (Administration and Finances Council)
  • Mark Iadicola (Meetings Council)
  • Dan Turner (Technical Activities Council)
  • Brian Bay (Communications Council)

Another good starting point is to attend the iDICs Committee Meetings at the annual meeting and see where you would like to contribute. Our Society is only as strong as the people involved so please join in!