iDICs 2016 Summary in Pictures

Founders’ Award winner, Brian Bay (center), gave an intriguing keynote talk on digital volume correlation and finite element analysis. Here, he poses for a photo after receiving his award with the President of iDICs, Mike Sutton (left), and the Vice President, Phil Reu (right)

One of the best parts of the conference was getting a chance to catch up with colleagues during the breaks between talks. A lot of new ideas were generated during these interactions.

The vendor section in front of the main auditorium was quite busy throughout the event.

All of the keynote addresses were well attended and filled with interesting content. It was exciting to see how DIC technology is being pushed to new levels in various placed around the world.

The sessions on designing and applying speckle patterns were packed with attendees.

We’ll have to get a bigger venue next year to accommodate the large number of participants.

The bus tour of the city was a lot of fun. There were a number of places of historical significance within a short distance of the conference hotel.

The iDICs committees got off to a good start with the breakfast and lunch meetings. Email us at if you would like more information on participating in one of the committees.

There were three parallel sessions that ran throughout the duration of the conference. It was hard to choose which talks to go to because there were several high quality presentations happening at once.

Last but not least, everyone agreed that the food was delicious and we all enjoyed having food available at all times outside the meeting rooms.