About Us

The International Digital Image Correlation Society (iDICs) was founded in 2015 as a nonprofit scientific and educational organization committed to training and educating users of digital image correlation (DIC) systems. iDICs develops and offers world-recognized DIC training certification to improve industry practice of DIC for general applications while also emphasizing research and establishing standards for DIC measurement techniques.


Board of Directors


Phillip L. Reu, PhD

President  Sandia National Laboratories

Mark Iadicola, PhD

Vice President  National Institute of Standards and Technology

Michael A. Sutton, PhD

Secretary  University of South Carolina

Markus Klein

Corporate Representative  GOM GmbH

Samantha Daly, PhD

University of California Santa Barbara

David S. Dawicke, PhD

Analytical Services and Materials, Inc. U.S.A.

Josè L. F. Freire, PhD

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Jean-Nöel Périé, PhD

Institut Clément Ader

Hubert W. Schreier, PhD

Correlated Solutions

Daniel Z. Turner, PhD

Sandia National Laboratories

Wei-Chung Wang, PhD

National Tsing Hua University